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Short Courses

Bring Aerospace Short Courses to Your Workplace

Your company can realize substantial savings by bringing an aerospace short course to your workplace. On-site delivery is ideal for organizations that need to train 10 or more employees in a specific topic. Most of our courses are available for on-site presentation.

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Why bring KU Aerospace Training On-site?

Train More People for Less
• Incur lower costs per participant.
• Save on employee travel expenses.

Train Your Team Where They Work
• Reduce the time employees are away from work.
• Train more people at one time.
• Train as a team to enhance project management.
• Maintain company confidentiality by training at your workplace.

Train on the Topics You Need Most
• Most courses in our catalog are available for on-site delivery.
• Course content and mode of delivery can be tailored to meet your specific training needs.

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Please contact us to obtain a no-cost, no-obligation proposal:

E-mail: ProfessionalPrograms@ku.edu
Phone: 913-897-8782

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you provide in-house training?

KU Aerospace Short Course Program can provide training to most parts of the world. Some restrictions apply. Please contact us for more information.

What does the company provide?

You provide the attendees, a classroom and audio-visual equipment such as a projector and a screen. We will send you a description of the course needs in advance to prepare for the class. If you cannot provide a classroom, we can set up a course at a nearby hotel or conference center for an additional charge.

What does KU provide?

KU provides the instructors' honoraria; their travel; all course materials; shipping and customs charges; and certificates with CEUs for participants who attend all days, as well as course evaluation and coordination services.

Can the course content be modified?

KU Aerospace Short Course Program staff will be happy to work with you to discuss your requirements and will emphasize areas that best accommodate your needs.

How is an on-site course price determined?

To make it cost-effective for all parties, we base our course fees on 20 participants and offer substantial discounts for each additional participant.

The course fee of an on-site class depends on the instructors' honoraria, the instructors' travel reimbursements, the cost of the course materials specific for that class and the shipping cost of the course materials.

How far in advance do you need to schedule a course?

In order to schedule the instructor(s) and order the course materials, we request at least 8 to 12 weeks of lead time prior to the actual course date.