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Instructor Qualification Program Overview


Contract instructors are important to the mission of Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute.  At present, KFRTI contracts with 78 instructors on a regular basis.  

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute aspires to be the best of fire service instruction and so strives to utilize instructors who represent the best of the best. The following characteristics, taken and modified from Fire Service Training, Ohio Trade and Industrial Education Service (1962) are the kind of characteristics Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute expects to see demonstrated by instructors.

  • Instructors must be available to instruct.
  • Instructors are dependable. Assignments will be carried out to the best of their ability.
  • Instructors present with a good appearance and are well-groomed and professional.
  • Instructors have a pleasant personality.  They are courteous and understanding.
  • Instructors are interested in the job of firefighting and instructing others.
  • Instructors must have initiative.
  • Instructors must be cool, level-headed, and be able to use common sense.
  • Instructors must have an aptitude for training and learning.
  • Instructors should have leadership ability.
  • Instructors must be in good health and condition to perform the essential function of fire service instruction.

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute instructors must adhere to high ethical standards. The training instructor is vested by the public with a trust requiring professionalism. The public expects towering competence from the fire service, and this is facilitated by the instructor during training.  This Instructor Code of Professional Conduct indicates the minimum ethical standards required of instructors associated with Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute.  This list is not exhaustive but provides general guidance.  Instructors:

  1. Create a positive learning environment for all students.
  2. Treat all students with dignity and respect.
  3. Manage safety and mitigate risk within the training environment.
  4. Promote an environment free of inappropriate racial, ethnic, religious, political, or sexual comments or jokes.
  5. Are prudent in their use of language.
  6. Maintain student’s privacy and confidentiality (FERPA).
  7. Teach courses to meet the course objectives and learning outcomes set by KFRTI.
  8. Keep up to date on the topics they are registered to teach.
  9. Report to KFRTI any negative or harmful classroom dynamics that occurred during the delivery of a KFRTI class.
  10. Always support the mission of KFRTI and serve as a positive ambassador of KFRTI.


The following are the minimum qualifications necessary to be considered as a contract instructor with Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute:

  • IFSAC and/or Pro Board NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor I certification
  • IFSAC and/or Pro Board Certification in the subject(s) to be taught, if applicable.
  • Successful Completion of Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute Training Methodology: Best Practices in Firefighter Instructors workshop/continuing education (CE)*
  • Demonstrated willingness to stay apprised of current, relevant NIST data and evolving best practices for subject areas
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a full-time firefighter; or 3 years of experience as an active volunteer firefighter
  • Good references: one professional, one character reference.
  • Physical ability to perform the tasks associated with the training.
  • Preferred: one year instructing, coaching, and/or teaching experience in personal, civic, religious, and/or professional contexts.
  • Preferred: college coursework, NFA coursework, certification courses through Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute or another state fire training program.

*Will be offered upon acceptance into Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute Instructor Cadre


If, after reading and appreciating the above, you are interesting in becoming a Contract Instructor with Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute, please contact:

Erin McGruder

Instructional Program Manager






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