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Instructor Qualification Program Overview


Instructors play a vital role within the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute’s delivery systems. From traditional in-house training through "turn-key" training classes provided by Institute staff, certified instructors are at the heart of our system. Beyond the basics of firefighter training, many departments have unique needs and circumstances that drive their training programs. In an effort to accommodate those diverse needs, the Institute maintains a diverse Instructor Program and a diverse delivery system.

Training is delivered to single and multiple departments in local, regional and statewide delivery formats. Instructors may be from local fire departments, from locations further away in Kansas and from other states. Care is taken to ensure a quality training experience for every participant.

The Institute’s Instructor Program qualifies Fire Service Instructors in two categories:

Fire Department Instructor

Those certified Fire Service Instructors who limit their teaching to their home fire department or their "mutual aid" departments and are not compensated by the Institute. All certified Fire Service Instructors who are members of Kansas fire departments are automatically awarded this status within the Institute’s programs. Fire Department Instructors may teach approved courses for credit from the Institute. See Instructor Program Criteria (PDF) for complete program details

Associate Instructor

Those Fire Service Instructors who have made application to, and been approved by, the Institute to teach approved courses for compensation from the Institute. In order to gain this status, Instructors must complete an application form and submit a resume to the Institute. The Institute then reviews the application packet and determines if Associate Instructor status will be awarded.


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