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KU Fire & Rescue Training Institute

Join the KU Fire Service Training E-mail Contact List

The Kansas Fire Service Information Connection

A free e-mail list service from KU Fire Service Training

An open forum for the Kansas fire service

  • Discuss fire service issues.
  • Seek and share information.
  • Get first notice of FST courses.
  • Receive the latest information from the NFA.

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  • Provide a free tool through which the fire service can improve communication on subjects vital to its members.
  • Re-create the Fire Service Training newsletter in an electronic format.
  • Provide a forum for the Kansas fire service to discuss pertinent issues.
  • Improve communication between members of the Kansas fire service and KU Fire Service Training.
  • Create a mechanism through which Fire Service Training can update the fire service on training opportunities and national fire service news.
  • Give fire service members a mechanism to be notified of FST training opportunities.
Need More Information?

If you would like more information about KUFIRELIST, send the following e-mail message and the system will send you an information file about the list. Send this message:

To: listproc@ku.edu

Subject: (leave blank)

(message body) INFO KUFIRELIST

Questions & Answers

Q. Will I be bombarded with junk e-mail?

A. No. This is a closed list. Only members of the list can send and receive messages. Although we cannot guarantee it, "spam" (unwanted messages) should be a rare occurrence.

Q. Will commercial vendors be using this list to sell their wares?

A. No. Only active fire service members and allied professionals may join this list. If a vendor is also a member of a fire department, the vendor must agree not to use the list for commercial purposes.

Q. Will someone at Fire Service Training approve messages (moderate the list) before the messages clear the system and are sent to the list?

A. No. This is an unmoderated list. Your message will be sent directly to the KUFIRELIST members.

Subscribing is Easy!
  1. You must be a member of a fire department or an allied profession (EMS, law enforcement, rescue squad, etc.).
  2. You must have an Internet e-mail address.
  3. Send an e-mail message to any staff member at Fire Service Training, or to our general e-mail address: kufire@ku.edu. In your message, simply state that you wish to join the KUFIRELIST and briefly explain your fire service or allied profession affiliation. We will obtain your e-mail address from your message header.

    Within a few working days, your name will be added to the list and you will receive a welcome message from the list administrator.

A Few Simple Rules
  1. Membership is limited to fire service or allied professionals with individual e-mail accounts.
  2. Be a professional. Send no "flaming" (hostile) messages, use good taste and judgment, and avoid typing in all caps ("shouting" in e-mail).
  3. Keep your personal conversations off the list.
  4. Send no commercial messages.
For More Information

Contact KU Fire Service Training at kufire@ku.edu

An e-mail list connects all of its members by using one common address. Subscribers can send a message to everyone on the list by sending a single message to the list address.

This list—KUFIRELIST—is provided at no cost by Fire Service Training at the University of Kansas and will provide a forum for discussing fire service issues. The list will also provide an efficient way for Fire Service Training to disseminate training information and national fire service news. No fees will be charged to list members.

KUFIRELIST is configured so that only list members are able to send and receive messages addressed to the list. No commercial traffic will be allowed and the list will not be sold to any commercial interests.


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KFRTI Contact Information

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