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Kansas Fire Service Training Commission

FSTC Announcements, Agendas, and Minutes

The University of Kansas, Fire Service Training Commission (FSTC) was instituted by State of Kansas legislative law (K.S.A. 76-327a) in 2002: “There is hereby created within the University of Kansas a Kansas fire service training commission which shall consist of 12 members…”

The Fire Service Training Commission meets quarterly and meetings are open to the public.  As of March 2020, Commission meetings have been conducted via Zoom due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. For information or questions concerning the Fire Service Training Commission, please reach out directly to the Fire Commission members listed below, or contact KUFIRE@KU.EDU and your inquiry will be routed appropriately. 

The Fire Service Training Commission (K.S.A. 76-327d):

  • Consults with the Director of KFRTI and adopts rules of procedures for quarterly meetings.
  • Consults with the Director of KFRTI to adopt rules and regulations necessary for fire service training operations.
  • Assures high quality and consistent training from KFRTI.
  • Recommends and approves fire service training program curriculum.
  • Approves the selection of the KFRTI Director.
  • Participates and consults with KFRTI Director on budget.
  • In conjunction with KFRTI, publishes an annual report of KFRTI activities.

Commission Members

  • Mike Roosevelt, International Association of Arson Investigators, KS Chapter (Chair)
  • Darin Myers, Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs (Vice-Chair)
  • Larry Pander, Kansas Community College Degree Programs (member)
  • Rick Mosher, Fire Educators Association of Kansas (member)
  • Vacant, Kansas State Council of Firefighters (member)
  • Kevin Flory, Kansas State Firefighters Association (member)
  • Mark Neely, Kansas Forest Service, Kansas State University (member)
  • Douglas Jorgensen, Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office (member)
  • Vacant, the University of Kansas (member)
  • Eric Voss, Kansas Board of EMS (member)
  • Jack Taylor, Kansas State Association of Professional Fire Chiefs (member)
  • Justin Ducey, Kansas Fire Marshal’s Association (member)

Fire Service Training Commission members are Governor-appointed positions.  Fire Commission members serve four year terms.  Persons interested in serving on the Fire Service Training Commission should contact Kansas Office of the Governor, Office of Appointments.


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