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KU Fire & Rescue Training Institute

Kansas Fire Service Training Commission

FSTC Announcements, Agendas, and Minutes

The Kansas Fire Service Training Commission was mandated in a 2002 revision of the 1949 statute that established fire service training at KU.

An alliance of fire service organizations had pressed for the legislation, which had two principal aims: to increase funding for the state’s Fire and Rescue Training Institute at KU and to establish a body that would provide oversight and guidance for the program and guarantee its continued financial well-being.

The commission, which will meet at least quarterly, is composed of representatives from 12 fire and emergency response agencies and organizations. The members and the groups they represent are:

Commission Members

  • Mike Roosevelt, International Association of Arson Investigators, KS Chapter (Chair)
  • Darin Myers, Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs (Vice-Chair)
  • Larry Pander, Kansas Community College Degree Programs (member)
  • Rick Mosher, Fire Educators Association of Kansas (member)
  • John Paul Jones, Kansas State Council of Firefighters (member)
  • Kevin Flory, Kansas State Firefighters Association (member)
  • Mark Neely, Kansas Forest Service, Kansas State University (member)
  • Douglas Jorgensen, Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office (member)
  • James Modig, the University of Kansas (member)
  • Eric Voss, Kansas Board of EMS (member)
  • Jack Taylor, Kansas State Association of Professional Fire Chiefs (member)
  • Justin Ducey, Kansas Fire Marshal’s Association (member)

Fire Service Training Commission members are appointed by the Governor of Kansas to serve four-year terms. The first commission (appointed in September, 2002) drew lots to select one-half of the members to serve two-year terms in order to stagger appointments for continuity of operations.


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