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Kansas Traffic Incident Management Program

Kansas TIM Program


The National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training Program was created as part of SHRP 2, and has four areas of focus—safety, renewal, reliability, and capacity. The TIM training program was designed to establish the foundation for and to promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal (NUG) of: Responder Safety; Safe, Quick Clearance; and Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications.


The Kansas TIM Program offers courses in two formats.

  • In-house /In-service) courses allow local instructors to schedule and teach courses on their own schedule using their own resources. The typical application of this format is to accommodate the training needs of single entities and their unique schedules.
  • Multi-discipline courses are offered regionally to provide Traffic Incident Management training in a unique setting designed to encourage interaction with their peers from other disciplines (Law, Fire, EMS, Tow Companies etc.). Multi-discipline courses are taught by teams of instructors from multi-disciplines. This format adds to the benefits of the course through being able to view the information through the lens of other responder disciplines.


All responder disciplines are welcome (urged) to attend Traffic Incident Management courses provided by this program.

Preregistration for TIM courses is required. Find the course you want to attend in the list below and click on the course to register.


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TIM Contact Information

For more information about the TIM program, including assistance in scheduling a TIM course, contact us toll-free at:


or email us at kufire@ku.edu.

KFRTI Contact Information

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
St. Andrews Office Facility
1515 Saint Andrews Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047-1619
or toll free 866-804-8841
Fax: 785-864-9044

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