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RBT Training 

Online Certification Prep Course

KUPCE Applied Behavior Analysis Course Information

Course Information


Certificate Requirements

This course provides you with the 40 hours of required training you must have before taking the RBT certification exam. The course does not carry any college credits and cannot be used as part of a degree-seeking program.


Course Delivery

Each lesson is delivered as a recorded webinar so attendees can view the classes any time they wish. Attendees will receive an ID and password to enter Blackboard, KU’s Online learning system. Any computer with an internet browser capable of running Flash and either speakers or headphones will be sufficient for the program. Study material consists of the assigned online notes for a particular session. There is no text for this class.



This course uses an adaptive release system. This means that most of the assignments and activities will not be visible when the course begins. Each assignment will only become visible after you meet the requirements of the previous assignment. You will be able to access only one activity or quiz at a time. You can try or take it repeatedly until you reach 100% perfect score. Then the next activity or quiz will automatically be available.


Instructor Availability

While you are enrolled in the course, you can email the instructor with any questions that you have. They will reply within two business days.

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